Psychic Fairs & Classes

2024 – Reader’s Exchange on Zoom (RXZ) Advanced registration is required. Ongoing dates, you can sign up for one session for $25.00 or sign up for the month for $100.00 by registering. Proposed upcoming dates are as follows and subject to change:  May 3, 13, 25, 27, 31

2024 -Psychic Development Classes Each level includes six weeks of classes 101, 201, 301 and there is homework most weeks and a testing process at the end of the 301 classes. Currently there are 4 spots still available  for the 101 class beginning in June so call to reserve your space in the course and get info regarding dates on Wednesdays & Thursdays.   Each level is $279.00 for 6 weeks for 2 hour classes (12 hours total).  Prices are per person for adults only, The 101 series is a pre-requisite to the 201 and 301 series. Must complete all 18 classes to graduate.  

2024 Sunday May 26 at 7:00 pm – FULL MOON CEREMONY Register in advance, this gathering is by donation on a sliding scale and we will hold this event indoors then we will step outside for the burning ceremony on the patio.  Registration closes 24 hours prior to the gathering.   Once you register then the address & details will be provided to you by email on the day of the gathering.  Release any unwanted beliefs, habits, relationships or situations that currently challenge you.  This event includes shadow work so call for details about what takes place at the ceremony so you will know what to bring.  June 23rd is the one planned after the May full moon event.

2024 Saturday June 1st – PAINT & PROPHECY –  We are doing a “paint nite” but it’s going to be in the afternoon.  If you are interested, please request more information as this is NOT my event.  This venue will not allow alcohol so you can bring your own coffee or tea.  Location details provided at registration and there is a different email address for you to send you payment so the artist who guides you can be paid directly.  I can email you a poster of the painting (Sea Life with Turtles) that you will love creating yourself.  All supplies are included and location is in Port Coquitlam near Shaughnessy and Wilson. Cost to attend is $75.00 per person, adults and mature adults only.  Yes!  That price is for your OWN painting AND a psychic reading !   Wow!  Ask for details on how to pay for this event when you register as there are special instructions so that Serena gets paid!


PREVIOUS Events & Workshops…

May 12 – Secret Psychics event for Mother’s Day in Austin Heights – Coquitlam, BC

March 16 – Secret Psychics event in Austin Heights – Coquitlam, BC

2023 – Paul Anthony’s Talent Time TV Variety Show,  Spa Relaxation Day Event,  Psychic Fair Mother’s Day event,  Community Memorial Service – by donation, Secret Psychics Event, 

Candle Magic Workshop,   Sacred Geometry,  Pennies from Heaven,  Dowsing Rods, Numerology Basics, Sacred Plant Medicine, Tea Leaf Reading, Totem Animals Workshop

2023 – Metaphysics & Intuition Workshops Each class begins with a brief introduction of participants, followed by a grounding and meditation session. The class is interactive, so be prepared with a notepad and pen, bring your own water bottle.  After the demo, then we will practice what we have learned in small groups. Advanced registration is required. Early bird pricing and Ostrich pricing available. Please contact Paisley directly 604-307-5013 by text or phone. These monthly classes offer information and practice to all levels of students from beginners to advanced. (A variety of topics will be covered over the year such as Candle Magic, Amulet Bags & Charms, Crystal Balls, Tea Leaf Reading and more) Advanced registration is required to reserve your seat. No refunds are available. 


2023 – Psychic Development -Beginners – Call me to register 

Mentorship in small groups is very beneficial as you’ll have access to personal attention and my classes are designed to be both fun and interactive in nature with a safe learning environment. 

You will have the opportunity to improve and build upon your intuition and this often translates to other areas of your life with regards to self-care, boundaries and goal setting. You will have an opportunity to streamline your own energy, which will aid you to step into your own personal power. Graduates of the series 301 are often invited to attend an ongoing group called “closed development circle” to promote their ongoing success. 

Students who participate are required to attend all six classes of Psychic Development 101 in order to progress to the second level 201. Homework assignments are strongly recommended for the highest and best outcome.

Paisley offers training for participants who already have some background and psychic ability.  Divination methods, styles, ethics, tips and helpful suggestions are provided, as well as practice sessions and some homework assignments. Completion of this series of 18 weeks of classes is the prerequisite to attend the Psychic Development Circle mentioned below. No refunds are available. 

2023 – Closed Development Circle – Tuesdays

Psychic Fair 2022 – Halloween Event – Oct 29 / 30 

Psychic Development Talk 2022 – June

Psychic Fair 2022 – Mother’s Day  May 7th 

Psychic Fair 2022 – Valentine’s February 12 / 13 

2021 Body Mind & Spirit  Online Summit 

Basenotes Magazine – What is Numerology? We Ask an Expert – Words by Sara Harowitz, Illustration by Jenna Vaandering.

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