Recently, you did a mini-Numerology Reading for me on the Two Mediums and a Large radio show for Spaced Out Radio.  I went back to the pod-cast on Spreaker.com and listened to your reading again several times.  I also asked my wife to review it and she said that “you had me down to an exact T”  She thought it was incredible that you were so accurate with only knowing my first name and date of birth.  Well, I just wanted to say “Thank You” and I hope we have a chance to connect again sometime soon.

Wyatt A., Creston, West Virginia, June 2017

Thank you so much for yesterday’s reading. I walked out of the room feeling empowered and so much stronger than I have in months. You’ve given me an understanding of how to communicate with my boyfriend and I already feel as if, no matter what happens, I am able to speak to him in a way that he can understand and in a way that I can express my authentic feelings.

Crystal G., Simon Fraser University, B.A. Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies, Coquitlam, BC, July 2016

Regarding my first Metaphysics Made Simple class in May,  I “really” enjoyed myself. I was so nervous and I didn’t know what to expect. I was a little worried about putting myself “out there”. You were so warm and kind Paisley! The class was wonderful and I found it super helpful. I was hanging on to your every word as the three hour class flew by! It was lovely to connect with like minded people. I look forward to your next class in June.

Nicole Holley, Owner of Lennon & Birdie, Coquitlam, BC, May 2016


Before I ever met Paisley, I tried an over-the-phone psychic for my first reading and had such a horrible experience with another reader. This other woman mainly told me negative things and tried to pressure me into buying a $300 stone to cleanse the darkness inside of me.  I didn’t buy the stone and it left me feeling quite sad and confused.

I decided to give it another try and contacted Paisley for a reading. She was so positive and nice over the phone when booking my appointment so I was really looking forward to my reading. Paisley started with my Numerology Reading and I was blown away by how spot-on she was with my personality and characteristics and she was clear on explaining how my name and birth numbers all worked together. The rest of the reading was just as pleasant and I was given great information that left me feeling positive and hopeful!  I will definitely  be seeing Paisley Town again!

Tara M., Port Coquitlam, BC, April 2016


Paisley Town is an amazing person and an amazing Psychic Reader. I always feel great and energized after a reading with her. I highly recommend Paisley for a personal reading or to have her over for your next Girls Night Party for mini-readings, she is always a big hit at my parties. You won’t be disappointed.

R. Bassetto, Realtor, Coquitlam, BC, March 2016


My gratitude for Paisley is beyond words.  My boyfriend and I were drifted apart for three months due to unusual circumstances and assumptions.  During those times, I missed him with all my heart but I had no idea how to reconnect.  So, I went to see Paisley and she told me that my assumption towards him wasn’t correct, she gave me the insight that I really needed to know.  She also said that something wonderful would happen tonight.  What do you know, I got together with my boyfriend the very same night!!!  Taking her advice to heart, I  changed my view of my boyfriend and I love him more than ever.  Furthermore, my boyfriend did confirm that all the things she said were true.  She is amazing!

Lisa W., Mortgage Manager, Vancouver, BC, October 2015


I had Paisley do a Psychic Reading on my birthday. I was quite pleasantly surprised how much information I got. The things she saw and felt blew my mind. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have to tell you, the things I heard were amazing. I have used the information I got from her and used it in my daily life and it has made a serious impact in my life. Things she told me would happen, did and are happening. I hope everyone gets a chance to get a reading from Paisley, I promise you it will be totally worth it.

Randy L., Heathen Tattoos, South Surrey, BC, September 2015


I really enjoyed Paisley’s Psychic Reading. Her Numerology was spot-on in describing my personality traits and her insight and advice was inspiring.

Catherine D., Insurance Claims Adjuster, Langley, B.C., July 2015


I participated in the Metaphysics Made Simple classes and I really enjoyed the tea leaf reading exercises.  Great group of like minded individuals made for a fun evening.

Catherine D., Langley, B.C., August 2015


I had the pleasure of meeting Paisley 6 months ago through my sister. Immediately I felt very comfortable around her, like a warm gentle light.  I decided that since I felt so comfortable with Paisley, that I would like to have her do a Psychic Reading for me. She was very professional and respectful. What really stood out for me was her integrity. I ended up having two readings with her a few months apart which were both very accurate.

At the time of my second reading my home life was in disarray, so I invited Paisley to do a House Blessing for my family home.  Immediately after the ceremony my home was cleansed and the air became very fresh and clean. She definitely had an influence over the negativity in my place. If you ever get a chance to have any of her services, I highly recommend Paisley Town.

Rhonda P., Jan 2015,  Maple Ridge, BC

I had a Psychic Reading with Paisley last week at the Hideout Café in New Westminster. I didn’t really have any pressing questions on my mind, but I brought some items with me that I wanted to see if she could tell me information about. She was right on target and very specific with the details she was able to tell me – even with pictures sealed in an envelope. It was definitely an interesting experience.

Donny S., Coquitlam, B.C.

Recently I had a Psychic Reading from Paisley Town and it was awesome! She saw things that are going on in my life right now and brought some insights to issues I’m dealing with on a daily basis; which by the way Paisley, the advice about “choices” has worked like a charm!

Also, someone from my past, who hugely affected my life before he passed, came through. The reading affirmed for me that he is seeing what is going on with me and still watching out for me.

I felt absolutely fantastic after Paisley read my jewellery and for the next few days I felt very light. I highly recommend Paisley for readings!

Kim S., Port Moody, B.C.


During my Psychic Reading you suggested for me not to initiate any discussion with my significant other about our relationship issue because he will box himself in and not be available to talk.  Using Numerology, you recommended that I wait and let go.

That evening, after my reading, I came home and did a 3-card Tarot spread.
First card, card for the day, reversed King of Pentacles; 2nd card, attend to this, Hermit; 3rd card, what to look out for, The Hanged Man.

This spread confirmed everything you had said. The lesson from the Hanged Man is the more you want something, the more you have to give up on the wanting and then it will happen. Waiting and accepting the change for the better require sacrifices.

Namaste, Love and Light,
Loura with an “O”, Tarot Reading Student, Coquitlam, B.C.

Corporate Events – Partial Client List

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart – Abbotsford
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart – Port Moody
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart – Willowby Centre / Langley
  • Aboriginal Day 2016 – Trout Lake, East Vancouver
  • Fairmont Waterfront Hotel
  • Waldorf Hotel – Psychic Fair
  • Waldorf Hotel New Year’s Eve Bash
  • The Bay at Guildford
  • Sears Canada Guildford
  • Salon Gloss, Coquitlam
  • The Zac Hobek Memorial Golf Fundraiser
  • Shaw / Global Media Holiday Party
  • Dry Grad Party 2014
  • Burrard Band Wellness Event
  • Musquem Band Wellness Event
  • Coquitlam Band Wellness Event
  • Squamish Nation Wellness Event
  • Aboriginal Wellness Event at Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre
  • Urban Native Spirit Foundation Wellness Event
  • Paisley Town Events & Psychic Fairs – Annual Mother’s Day Psychic Fairs (3 years)
  • Paisley Town Events & Psychic Fairs – Annual Halloween Day Psychic Fairs (3 years)
  • Paisley Town Events & Psychic Fairs – Valentine’s Day Psychic Fairs (3 years)
  • Monthly hostess of The Reader’s Tea Party (3.5 years) Event

See the front-page photo and article in “24 Hours” on Paisley sending good intention to the Canucks Hockey Team prior to their game on February 3rd, 2009. They won and went on to a record-setting run to fight back from their January slump! Thanks to Buzz Bishop and Virgin Radio for contacting her – and to all the Canucks who joined in sending their positive thoughts!

Also – see the VIDEO!

MEDIA UPDATE: See the article in a major Vancouver Newspaper called “The Province” from April 16th, 2009 with Paisley sending further good intention to the Canucks Hockey Team in advance of their Western Conference quarter-final playoff series against the St. Louis Blues.

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