When Paisley was drawn to numerology, she studied with Clayne Conings and now provides Numerology Readings for her clients. Using the birth name of the Querent (client) along with the date of birth, she can provide specific detailed information, guidance and direction to clients and their loved ones. Often times very detailed and personal information will come through with this type of reading.  There are 81 different types of name combinations and 3 different elemental types such as Water, Air and Fire.  Paisley grew up as a Water/Air combination in her family of origin along side of her parents and sibling who all possess Fire elements.

Paisley has had an opportunity to study and provide several types of readings to her Querents.  In addition to Numerology, Card Readings & Psychometric Readings her private sessions often include aspects of Intuitive Readings, Mediumship Readings, Crystal Ball Readings, Scrying and Medical Intuition Readings in her varied Psychic Readings.

To schedule a reading, a private or corporate event, Feng Shui consultation, house blessing or to join one of my metaphysics and intuition classes, please go to the contact page.