Jewelry Readings

Psychometry is the practice of reading or gaining insight and information into people and their situations through contact with their personal items – things they regularly carry around with them or with which they have strong associations, such as jewellery, keys, belt buckles, photographs, pieces of clothing and the like.

During a reading, it can be helpful if you have questions or topics you would like to explore or elucidate. This helps to focus the reading, however other general or specific observations may arise that could draw your attention to important issues that you may either not be aware of or may not be giving the appropriate weight of your attention.

During a reading, impressions, images, physical sensations and other associations occur to me, many of which I will ask for your help in putting into the context of your life or the questions or topics you hope to explore.

Often it is quickly apparent where the reading is going, though sometimes elements of a reading may require some time to sink in or reach clarity. They may be referring to issues that are still either coming into being or coming to consciousness. For this reason, I often write down notes for you to take away with you that include both my instigating impressions or images and the associations that either you or I are able to make to them during the reading.

I view my psychometric readings as a kind of focusing exercise that helps both to illuminate where the questioner’s focus currently is, and where it isn’t. The idea being that things that inhibit and block us are usually less about what is there, and more about what we emphasize or resist. Connecting with your personal objects during a reading, I believe, allows me to pick up the charge of what your energy has been directed toward and against.

In addition to psychometry, I also often include elements of numerology and tarot card divination into my readings for clients.

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