Card Readings

Most well-known and credible Psychic Readers learn to use Tarot Cards as their first “divination tool”, then after several years of mastering the processes of providing readings for people, they expand their skills and often specialize in a certain different type of readings.  Paisley broke the rules, as they were unknown to her.  So she began doing her readings professionally by specializing in Jewelry Readings.

The endeavor  of Reading Cards came to Paisley several years later.  She was waiting for “her deck” to be revealed to her. Paisley asked her peers to help her source a deck she intuitively “saw”, a European Deck that looked ancient that was either French or Italian.  Finally, after seeking this deck for more than a year, she found her deck that was newly released on the market by Chiro Marchetti. Paisley vowed to learn all the cards within a year….she was so impressed with the deck that four days after this vow, she began doing Tarot Card readings.  Now Paisley does readings with various types of decks such as Angel Cards and Animal Cards and Goddess Cards…and so on. She uses a variety of card “spreads” that represent answers to different types of questions.

Paisley has had an opportunity to study and provide several types of readings to her Querents.  In addition to Numerology, Card Readings & Psychometric Readings her private sessions often include aspects of Intuitive Readings, Mediumship Readings, Crystal Ball Readings, Scrying and Medical Intuition Readings in her varied Psychic Readings.

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