House Blessings

Paisley is proud of her First Nations heritage and is honored to provide a House Blessing Ceremony/ Cleansing Ceremony for both private clients and corporate environments.  Payment for these services vary depending upon location, square footage and what your needs are.

Some clients who move into a new space wish to have the space cleared or blessed in order to set up an environment of releasing the old energy of the previous residents.

Other clients have lived and/or worked in a space for a period of time and notice an energy that isn’t comforting to them that could be from an incident, trauma or historical event.

Ceremonies can involve one or many of several methods of clearing such as using plant medicines or by using Sound Healing such as Tibetan Bells known as Tinkchas.

Keep in mind that in some homes and offices burning plant medicines (known as Smudge) may not be possible due to sensitive smoke alarm systems or Fire Safety Regulations where smoke alarms are connected directly to monitoring stations.  Contact Paisley at 604-307-5013 or

To schedule a reading, a private or corporate event, Feng Shui consultation, house blessing or to join one of my metaphysics and intuition classes, please go to the contact page.